"A Dojo asks that it's visitors leave behind all the stresses and strains of everyday life and immerse yourself in an exploration of your chosen art."

Our Dojo allows just that, allowing you to leave all attachment to life "outside". The Dojo will allow you to journey "inside", unhindered, into a different place and explore your art in peace and tranquility .

An unhindered movement into a different place occurs, in which your art can be explored in deepening peace and tranquility.

Any interaction with the environment creates effects which are mutually reinforcing and cumulative. The more your inner space is honoured and released, the more the outer space is vitalised.

As with any Dojo, the aim is to give the space inside more spirit than you receive. Thus over time the room becomes progressively purified and increasingly purifying.

Dojo Specifications:
Size: 8.5 m x 11 m (90 sqm)